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Cyber Crime During Covid-19 and Its Safety Measures & Precautions

In this session, one of our Community Member has explained various Cyber Crimes that are being actively incresing nowadays, at time of global epidemic Due to Covid-19.

Mr. Tapan has shared very interestingly, meaningful details and information regarding various types of Cyber Frauds and Neccessary steps that must taken to be aware of such cyber crimes and prevent themselves in not becoming victims of such frauds and crimes.

Awareness Session By Mr.TAPAN:-

Key highlights of Sessions:

  • Introduction to Cyber Crime
    What is Cyber Crime and its various Types ..
  • Trending Cyber Crimes in COVID-19
    Hackers taking advantage of global epidemic and causing havoc in CYBER World.

  • Similarity Between Cyber Crime and Covid-19
    A very interesting comaprison of Cyber Crimes and its factors with Covid-19
  • Safety Tips from Cyber Frauds
    Explained how to remain safe and what precautions should be taken, during this nationwide lockdown. from both Covid-19 as well as from Cyber Frauds & Attacks
  • Source to Check Authenticity of any News
    There's good sharing regadring how to be sure for any news and keep your money and data safe and secure ..

About Author :

Tapan Vagela

Tapan Vaghela is self taught cyber Security person. He is such enthusiastic public speaker, adviser regarding defending Systems. He has excellent catch on Access Management And also has good strength in field of Cyber Security & Cryptography domain. Currently he's pursuing Engineering in Electronics & Communication and is an active blogger at CYBER4ALL.