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In this short session, I have discussed regarding What is Malware & its common types. Focusing on Malware Analysis, I have explained what it is and why it is required. Then onwards, I have explained & discussed about types of Malware Analysis approaches (i.e. Static & Dynamic Malware Analysis), along with various tools used by these approaches of malware analysis procedures. Lastly, I have carried out Dynamic Malware Analysis of a sample malware (RAT & Trojan class Malware) using two of most common cloud based malware analysis (aka Online Sandboxes) consisting of wider set of environments (Virus Total & Any.Run). I have also mentioned brief info regarding features, services and many more advance functionalities provided by those two platforms.

This video is published to means of Educational Purpose only. User should always be careful and take all safety and precautions measures while playing with such malware samples and untrusted tools & services.

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Virtual Environments & SandBoxes