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  • STEP 1:
    Tools Require:
  • URL of Target Website (to be spoofed)
  • Website Duplicator/Copier (WebCopier, Or Httrack)
  • Domain name
  • Hosting Services
  • WebCopier- the program that downloads websites to your computer, and allows you to view and print them at any time. WebCopier can copy or print whole sites or sections. Your saved pages can be copied onto disks and CDs, so you can take your Web-snapshot with you.
    Companies can use WebCopier to transfer company's intranet contents to staff desktops and notebooks, create a copy of companies' online catalogs and brochures for sales personal, backup corporate web sites, print downloaded files.
    Individuals can use WebCopier to save complete copies of their favorite sites, magazines or stock quotes. Students can download enormous amounts of information from the Internet for later study. Teachers can download whole sites so their students can view them later offline. Developers may use this tool to analyze websites structure, find dead links on a website.
    Same as, Httrack can be used for same purpose with more adanced features.

    Step2 to perform WEBSITE SPOOFING

  • STEP 2:
    Install WebCopier or Httrack. (Httrack is used to copy targeted url/site. and open it next -> New Project
  • Give the project name, project category and select path that you want to save the files:

    Step2 to perform WEBSITE SPOOFING
  • STEP 3:
    Give the web Address (Target URL)
  • Step2 to perform WEBSITE SPOOFING
  • STEP 4:
    Select other advance options like proxy, log, cache to add into it.
    Click OK->Next
  • Step2 to perform WEBSITE SPOOFING
  • STEP 5:
    Once mirroring is complete, Click on finish.
    Now, you can use mirrored website for offline purposes.
  • Step2 to perform WEBSITE SPOOFING
  • STEP 6:
    Acquire Domain Name. You a get domain name from any Domain Name Provider.
    FREENOM.COM is a site to get similar domains for free
  • STEP 7:
    Obtain Hosting Service You a get Hosting Services from any Hosting Provider.
    000WEBHOST.COM is a hosting service provider for free
  • STEP 8:
    once you're done with setting up DNS of registered Domain with obtained Hosting Service Provider setting,
    Upload the mirrored website with whatever chnages you wants to made..
  • STEP 9:
    Congratulations,You have created spoofed website with Spoofed URL.
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